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Johnny Parker

Tattoo Artist ♠ LDT II ♠ Dallas

Some people assume Johnny Parker is a strange fellow, dripping of vanity and vulgarity...other people know this to be absolute fact.

Depending on what version of the story you've heard, Johnny was either hatched from a gator's nest in a long forgotten swamp or stolen from his bear family and forced into the world of man against his will. Whatever the truth may be all consider him to be destined for greatness beyond the capabilities of mortal understanding. Until then he has decided to carry on the tradition of his people, a task known to the white man as tattooing.

Since 2002 of the Gregorian calendar Johnny has been sharing his talent for creating magic armor by marking the skin with ink and symbols. In the summer of 2014 he joined a cult that goes by the name Lucky Draw. It's been unicorns and rainbows ever since.

"I came here to surf and eat babies......& I'm all out of surfboards." ~Johnny Parker a.k.a. Johnny Hottwheelz

Johnny can be found at LDT II every Thursday-Monday

Lucky Draw Tattoos II
3118 Atlanta Hwy.
Dallas, GA 30132
(770) 505-LUCK (5825)

Johnny's Tattoo Portfolio