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Rick Donovan

Tattoo Artist ♠ LDT III ♠ Marietta Square

Rick Donovan really liked the art of tattooing, so he decided to make his own mark in the business. He has been a Professional Tattoo Artist since 1995 & got his start in South Florida.

He is a master of 'making horrible idea into badass tattoos', who's favorite thing to do is cool tattoos, any subject matter. His specialty is "black & grey and loud color blends". You can find him at LDT III every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

"Think for yourselves, you bastards." ~Rick Donovan

Rick can be found at LDT III Friday-Tuesday

Lucky Draw Tattoos III
11 Atlanta Street
Marietta, GA 30060
(770) 795-9233

Rick's Tattoo Portfolio